Friday, March 30, 2012

Paying it forward

My mentor, Mary Duane, is fabulous and I miss her!  It seems like she was always taking my calls and emails about this, that or the other with the girls. She came dashing over when I was in a panic and she suffered through the Mean Bee Period.  She is a saint as far as I am concerned.

Alas as I get more experienced as a beekeeper, my emails, calls and visits are few and fewer.

But I actually have the opportunity to pay her kindness and good will forward. I am going to be helping mentor a new beekeeper in my community. I am beyond excited about this opportunity. He should be getting his first bees this spring and will be visiting my girls this weekend - if the snow (yes SNOW) cooperates at the temps really do reach the 50' promise of the meteorologists.

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