Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunshine and a new hive

Today was the day. I split the hives. Sun's hive had made a supercedure cell - which means that they were thinking about making a new queen. Hello! She is awesome but they might have felt a bit crowded. So I solved two problems at once.

I was looking carefully at the frames to see if there were any drones. With my nose only a few inches from the bees I saw one big bee and thought A-HA a drone! Duh. It was the queen!  She looked great by the way. She was just as golden an unlined as I recalled. Wish I had the camera.

I moved two frames of bees and three frames of honey to an empty box. There were capped drone cells so there should be drones by the time the bees make a new queen. 

The bees got some empty frames and a couple of foundation frames. They need to build out new frames so I can toss out the old yucky ones.

I a few weeks I will need a new queen name so start thinking now!

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