Thursday, April 21, 2011

Report from 4/18

The girls are doing well - they all have babies cooking and the foragers are flying.

All the hives have swarm cells though. This is completely confusing. There is plenty to do, the queens all have space to lay and yet there are swarm cells?? hmmm.

Perhaps they don't have enough to do or are just in wax making mode without a genuine outlet. Well, I gave them outlet. I took out five frames that were the oldest frames in the top boxes and let the girls start fresh with foundation. So they have plenty to do. As soon as these get going well, I will do it again and again so that each hive has between 25 and 33% fresh frames. As the wax gets older, it not only accumulates pesticides and other nasty chemical, it also gets just plain dirty.

And the big news - we saw our first Dandelion in the yard - two bright yellow faces that had already been pollinated so the bees already got there. This means it is time to give the girls some people honey frames!

Yay for honey!

Friday, April 1, 2011

New website

I am writing for a new website, and they have all kinds of great articles on sustainability and self-sufficiency, some of which I wrote. Yay!

Two of my articles are on bees. The first is on how to start a beehive - check it out here. The second is on why bees are dying - check this out here. Both feature pretty pictures of my bees.