Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bee City

The skyline of our beehives just grew considerably. Two of the three hives tower above the deck railing and it is a happy sight.

Hope's hive is just moving along nicely. I move the first honey box off the top and it was heavy - yep, there's honey in those cells and it is capped. The box weighs about 25 lbs right now. It has a ways to go, but I put a second box under it. Yay! I saw Hope too and she is just as gorgeous as ever.

Red's about to be superceded. Her bees have started making supercedure cells and given her spotty laying pattern over the last two weeks, it makes sense. I can't tell you how happy I am to see those supercedure cells. I want one of her daughters to take over the hive and not some store bought queen to swoop in and grab the glory. I hope that the princess is just a even tempered as Red.

Trey's hive has pebbles. When a hive supercedes you put three pebbles on it. Each week you take one off and if you don't see larvae by the third pebble, you need a new queen. So Trey's hive has pebbles. There is no sign of supercedure cells or young larvae. I did get to see a drone emerging from his cell - and that was cool!

Thank goodness there is Hope.

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