Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

It is a happy New Year in the bee yard. All three hives had girls flying yesterday.
Ruby's hive looked amazing! There were crowds of bees at the entrance and the were really stretching their wings.
Sun's hive also looked great. These bees prefer to use every entrance other than their front door - they are such New Englanders! They were coming and going with great purpose.
Joy's hive looked quite sad in comparison. There were bees coming and going but the traffic was significantly less. There is nothing I can do about it right now other than cross my fingers and hope they make it thru the next few months.
I am going to give the bees some "bee candy" which is a sugar patty they can eat if they cannot get honey. Each of the hives should have plenty of honey, but the sugar patty is just insurance. It is like having a fridge full of good food and the take out menu under a magnet - just in case!
Here are my bee-related goals for the year:
1. Keep three hives going all year (and overwintered)
2. Continue to build up the local peer-network of beekeepers (so if you know a beekeeper in Millbury MA -send them my way)
3. Finish my book on aggressive bees
Go Bees!

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