Monday, June 21, 2010


I feel like such a bad beekeeper. I mowed our lawn Saturday - what a job. We've had a lot of rain on the weekends lately and our lawn has made that inexorable shift to meadow. We have lots of pretty clover and hawkweed flowers appearing in the lawn. The bees have been loving it.

Then came the day where I had to mow. There were a few brave bees who tried to grab the last of the nectar before I mowed and I hope they all got out of the way in time!

If you can, help support the bees and leave a small section of your lawn unmowed to grow clover or other meadow flowers. It is a key nectar source this time of year as most of the trees are done flowering but big summer sources of nectar aren't peaking yet. Good summer nectar sources are wild roses, daisies, and blackeyed Susans.

Go bees go!

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  1. What an excellent reason not to mow - I can claim I'm helping the bees. What's going on in Pink's old hive?? ~Kathleen


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