Friday, October 7, 2016

Hive Update

Today was mite treatment day. I use formic acid, which is found naturally in the hives but not quite in this concentration. The mites can't take it and the bees are just annoyed for a couple of days. The small gap in the hive boxes helps to keep the vapors from becoming too much for the bees.

Next to one of the hives, I've seen a flycatcher hanging out. Apparently the bird has been having a snack on bees and pooping in front of the hive!  All that white is bird poop.

There are still a few flowers hanging on and blooming in the yard. All are getting very well polinated. 

These were all started from a seed mix that friend sent to feed the bees. 

We started a raspberry and blueberry patch this year. These plants only went in two weeks ago and had some sad flowers. We gave them love, and great soil!  Look what they did!

This beauty sprung up late in September on the outside of the tomato garden.  Not a color or flower we planted, so how did she arrive?

And the cherry tomato invasion continues....

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