Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Animal Garden

At the beginning of fall we have our last flower of the year blooming in our animal garden. 

Turtle head grows about three feet tall and we have it growing and thriving in what seems to be entirely the wrong place in the garden!  Everything on the web says put this in shade and damp soil so we have it growing in a sunny dry location. Go figure. 

Bumble bees enjoy this flower and their bums seem to vibrate with joy as they climb into the mouths of the "turtles" and suck up the nectar. 

We have a few themed gardens. In the Animal Garden every plant in the little spot has an animal name. Summer brings the Tiger Lilies to bloom and late summer we have lambs ear. Their flowers are purple-ish with a fuzz all over just like the soft leaves. 

My friend Kathleen gave  me Hen and Chicks when we moved in 15 years ago. We have dozens of hens and chicks now all from the four tiny plans she shared from her garden. 

These are my favorite plants in the garden. They were what inspired the garden theme and were the first thing I brought into the gardens here. 

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