Friday, April 11, 2014

Girl Scouts in the bee yard

I am so lucky to be involved with an amazing group of girls. My girl scout troop came over to learn about bees and finish the beekeeping badge. This is a photo taken by my GS partner, Kristin Graffeo. She took all the pictures shown here today. These girls, most who had never been near the bees, showed courage and strength in getting this close and letting the bees land on them. Not one, not one girl, had an issue with the bees coming to land and say hi.

We had a great time watching the girls and looking at larvae, eggs, and worker bees. 

We found one capped drone cell. He still has a week or so to go before emerging, but now there are 11 young midwives, waiting for his impending arrival. 

Thanks to all the beekeepers in Millbury who loaned us veils and jackets so we could all have one. That was 11 loans from a lot of beekeepers - love this community!

But truly it is the girls' parents who I need to thank most. All the parents just dropped off their daughters at my house. No one was worried (or at least not worried that much!) about leaving their daughter with me as we explored venomous stinging insects. Thank you for your trust. 

I love this picture Kristin took of me, showing off the capped cells. Thanks for making me look so good!!

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