Monday, March 28, 2011


I took a quick look at the girls today - just a howdy-do. I didn't open the hives because it is still pretty chilly - only about 40'. I wasn't expecting much in the way of activity.

Joy and Sun's hives were quiet, snuggling in the chill.

Ruby's hive on the other hand were out and had been gathering pollen! I am going to guess pussy willow pollen. When a bee gets pollen from skunk cabbage, they get pollen on their backs - it is pretty cool. Check out pictures from last year. These bees only had pollen in their pollen baskets.

Whoo, hoo - this means we have babies!

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  1. I saw a bee information table this past weekend at a community fair and thought of you. There wasn't anything at the table that you haven't shared except a new movie Vanishing of the Bees ( It's cool to see beekeeping becoming popular.


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