Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movin' day

After much discussion and shadow watching, we've decided to move Joy's hive. The bees just aren't building up much steam. We had a skunk bothering the bees two springs ago so we are still concerned about that. We've moved our compost pile ffaaarrr away from hives and enclosed the deck they were sitting on.

Now Joy will be ... outside the fence. Deep breath! We are going to have explore some other skunk-foiling measures: rolled chicken wire and tack boards.

A skunk walks up to a hive and knocks on it. The bees, being concerned, come out. The skunk grabs them, rolls them on the ground until dead, and eats them.

The chicken wire and sharp nails sticking up foil the skunk's attempt at a free lunch. {evil laugh here}

To move the hive we need a nice day, lots of courage, some wire, staples, and straps. Maybe even a few friends.

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