Friday, March 31, 2017

Bee Art

We are getting a snow storm this weekend. The snow thought really hard about becoming rain, decided against it, and has just begun to stick to the ground. The big fat flakes would have been most welcome in December, now are a friend that has definitely worn out its welcome.

It is spring and it is hard to imagine buds, blooms, or even green grass. My eyes are just craving color. I suspect that I am not alone in feeling this way.

So I have a present for you. Perhaps if we all have thoughts of spring at the same time, we can get the snow to melt quickly and the leaves to bud and flowers to open. To get us all thinking spring, how about a coloring page?! Alyssa, at has a beautiful bee-themed coloring mandala. Get yours here!

She aspires to be a beekeeper someday and in the mean time, she write, creates, and cooks. The mandala has bees doing real jobs and has honey comb tucked inside one section. Her drawings are all highly detailed and relaxing to color.

Go get a copy and color. Think spring thoughts. Go Bees!

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